my sunshine

my sunshine

I can feel it like the waves crashing down..


Emblem3 - Heavy/Say What You Mean
(Keaton couldn’t sing his part of Heavy because he couldn’t stop crying)
Orlando, FL 7/22/14


Keaton Stromberg - Thought of Her

Orlando FL 7/22/14

wesleystromberg: I love every single person on the entire planet
keatonstromberg: @wesleystromberg - Don’t lie… You love me the mostest 😁

i feel bad that i’ve already gotten used to Emblem3 being just Wes and Keats

I’m literally too attracted to Keaton’s stubble like it’s getting out of hand at this point 

Happy 18th birthday Keaton Robert Stromberg! 16th July 1996


lariclaire: Gotta luv Keats. always smiling for the camera. Lucky us:) #keatonsbdaygift @keatonstromberg

Happy birthday my love <3

Happy birthday my love <3


Hey guys, I’m going to be away until the end of July because I’m going on vacation. Bye for now, stay beautiful!! Xoxo